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Department of Mathematics

Fluid dynamics

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Manchester has been a focal point of fluid dynamics research for over a hundred years, since the appointment of Osborne Reynolds in 1868.

By the time Reynolds published his landmark paper on fluid dynamics in 1895, Manchester had already been strengthened by the appointment of Sir Horace Lamb FRS as Beyer Professor of Applied Mathematics. The recognition of fluid dynamics as a cornerstone of classical science was continued further with the later appointments of Sydney Goldstein FRS and Sir James Lighthill FRS, each of whom made pioneering contributions that define the subject as we see it today.

Our research projects

Our current group is one of the largest within the UK and Europe and spans many important sub-areas of fluid dynamics research. Our research problems are driven by group interests that span modern analytical methods, large-scale numerical computations and detailed quantitative experimental techniques. At the disposal of the group is a fully equipped and staffed fluid-dynamics laboratory through the interdisciplinary Manchester Centre for Nonlinear Dynamics. Research problems in this area may be theoretical, numerical or experimental, and commonly cross one or more discipline boundaries.

  • Acoustics
  • Biological flows and soft matter
  • Combustion
  • Environmental and geophysical flows
  • High speed and transitional flows
  • Multiphase and interfacial flows

More information about our research, and some papers, can be found by browsing the webpages of academic staff members. Potential PhD students may email staff directly to discuss possible projects.

Research seminars

Recommended research seminars: