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Department of Mathematics

Professor Louise Walker at Women in Mathematics event

Women in mathematics

As a department, we are strongly committed to equality and diversity, and the success of our female mathematicians, be they staff or students.

Mathematics and its applications have never been more important to society, nor has the diversity of places of work and study. At The University of Manchester, we pride ourselves on the diversity of our student population, where we have consistently ranked above the national averages in the gender diversity of our undergraduate, master's and research postgraduate students in mathematics.

We are constantly striving to improve the mix within our staff and student communities, where it has been consistently shown that diverse workplaces are happier and more productive. We are also extremely proud of the female mathematicians who have worked at The University of Manchester throughout history, helping to inspire students and staff alike.

Hear from our female students

Staff profiles

Professor Louise Walker

This is a fantastic career to pursue! From jobs in data science, finance, education and many more, maths is incredibly useful, abstract and creative!

Professor Louise Walker

Professor Louise Walker

What generated your interest in maths?

"I have always loved maths and I always knew I wanted to pursue the subject!"

What is your background and how has it influenced your career?

"My background was in algebra. I was an undergraduate and did my masters and PhD in Manchester. Once I had completed my PhD, I did a PGCE, which allowed me to explore my passion for maths education, and it opened my eyes to teaching mathematics and the theory of learning.

"I am also passionate about working with students as partners. The PASS scheme, which I coordinated for many years, has brought together around 90 students who can work together and offer peer support with one another. I am particularly proud of this scheme as it looks at how we can improve support for students and help them break barriers between themselves and staff."

Professor Françoise Tisseur

The Department of Mathematics has been very supportive of my research and I'm proud to be working in one of the biggest and best numerical analysis groups in the world.

Professor Françoise Tisseur

Professor Françoise Tisseur

Francoise Tisseur is Professor of Numerical Analysis in the Department of Mathematics, and Director of the Manchester Institute of Mathematical Sciences.

Her work focuses on nonlinear eigenvalue problems and structured matrix problems, including the development of algorithms and software.

Her world-leading research has been recognised by prestigious awards including the Whitehead Prize (2010) and Fröhlich Prize (2020) by the London Mathematical Society, and by the Adams Prize (2012) by the University of Cambridge.

Prof Tisseur teaches the theory underlying her research to undergraduate students in mathematics, as part of the third year Matrix Analysis course.

Women at Manchester throughout history