Your typical week

Learning here takes many forms and although we are a large School you can be sure you will receive individual support. Below is a selection of activities that you will be involved in during a typical week.


Each course unit will have up to four lectures per week (about 12 hours per week in total). Each lecture lasts 50 minutes. Lecturers cover the course material in detail and set exercises for you to complete in your own time.

Feedback tutorials

Course units not covered by supervisions will have a weekly tutorial. The lecturer will set exercises for you to try before the class. In the class you’ll be able to get help from staff and postgraduate students.

Self study

As well as the timetabled classes you'll be expected to do plenty of independent study in your own time. Roughly speaking you should spend two hours studying for every hour of lectures. There is ample study space within the School and across campus.


PASS stands for Peer Assisted Study Sessions. All first year students are allocated a PASS group and two or more PASS Leaders. The leaders are fully trained higher year students who have invaluable experience of the core courses you’ll be studying. Each group meets for one hour a week to discuss academic work and University life.

Mathematical workshop

This workshop gives you a chance to work on the practical skills all mathematicians require such as problem solving, using mathematical software and mathematical writing. In the Mathematical Workshop you'll work individually and in small groups on different projects.

Feedback supervisions

First year students have two supervision classes each week where you’ll go through the work set by the lecturer and be able to ask questions about the course with a member of staff or a postgraduate student.

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