MathSoc is a student run society aimed primarily at students of The School of Mathematics. The Society presents an opportunity for members to expand their network within the department and hosts events and activities relevant to members' interests. The MathSoc office can be found in the Atrium of the Alan Turing Building and details of past and upcoming events can be found on their Facebook page.

Further details regarding the Society can be found in the MathSoc Constitution.

MathSoc Elections

Most of the Committee positions for the 2017/18 academic year have now been filled. However, positions for the MathSoc Chair, Careers Sec and Communications Sec are still unfilled and nominations/voting for these positions will reopen in Welcome Week (nominations) and Week 1 (voting).

Nominations for unfilled positions of Chair, Careers Sec and Communications Sec will reopen in Welcome Week - any student wishing to nominate for a Committee position should sign in to the Students' Union website, using their MyManchester login details during Welcome Week. If you are not already a MathSoc member you will need to join the group before you can complete your nomination. You will then be able to follow the My Nominations link to complete the nomination form. More detailed guidance on the nomination process can be found here.

Voting for the above positions will reopen in Week 1. All students wishing to vote in the election will need to join the group via the Student's Union website if not already a member.

Chair - post available (see above)

The MathSoc Chair is responsible for overseeing the Society and to advance the Society's objectives. They ensure that the Society's constitution and rules are being followed, that all committee roles are filled and chair the committee and any general meetings.

Treasurer - Edmund Han

Email Edmund

The Treasurer administers the Society's finances as required by its activities, ensures the probity of the finances and provides regular financial reports to the Committee.

Secretary - Jacob Franklin

Email Jake

The Secretary manages all general administration for the Society and acts as the primary link between the Society and the Students' Union. They also minute all Committee and General meetings and circulate these to the Committee members.

Social Secretary - Luke Miller

Email Luke

The Social Secretary is responsible for the social elements of the Society (excluding those within the remit of the Events Sec). By planning and delivering a number of events throughout the academic year, the Social Secretary will provide opportunities for all MathSoc members to increase their social circle.

Topical Secretary - Veronica Kelsey

Email Veronica

The Topical Secretary is responsible for nurturing the topical interests of society members in mathematics and related fields. This may include the organisation of talks and lectures by a range of speakers, from Proferssors to popular mathematicians.

Careers Secretary - post available (see above)

The Careers Secretary is responsible for advancing the career prospects of Society members. This may include planning and delivering a variety of careers related events, such as networking and skills sessions, and working with University departments and/or external employers to enhance the professional capabilities of MathSoc members.

Events Secretary - Isabel Rushby

Email Izzy

The Events Secretary is responsible for the planning and organisation of the end of year ball and the annual trip abroad.

International Secretary - Molly Reeve

Email Molly

The International Secretary is responsible for ensuring the activity of the Society is applicable to all members. This may include planning and delivering specific events to encourage MathSoc membership by international students, as well as working with other Committee members to ensure the schedule of activity is suitable for all members.

Communications Secretary - post available (see above)

The Communications Secretary is responsible for all marketing and communications related to MathSoc. This will include advertising all MathSoc events, maintaining the School MathSoc webpages and ensuring all social media is regularly updated.

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