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For information about our undergraduate fees for home/EU and international students, please see our student finance section.


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    School Scholarships

    We offer a scholarship of £750 which will be paid to UK/EU Mathematics undergraduates starting in September 2018 who obtain A* (Maths) AA at A-Level or equivalent (excluding General Studies).

    In addition we offer a £1000 scholarship for all new UK undergraduates admitted by the School of Mathematics who achieve A* in Mathematics and A*, A in two other A-levels (excluding General Studies).

    Please Note: These scholarships will be paid to those who hold a firm offer for one of our undergraduate Mathematics courses by 1st August 2018 (G100, G104, G1NH, G1NJ, GGC3, GG13, NG31, G1N3, GV15, G1R9).  Both scholarships are entrance scholarships.  Performance should be achieved in the first sitting (ie not re-taken).

    Other scholarships and bursaries

    In addition to the entrance scholarships above, we have a wide range of other awards designed to reward high achievement and to provide financial help for those who might otherwise decide not to proceed to university. for more information, see our student finance section.

  • International students

    International Mathematics Scholarship

    For 2018 entry, we are offering International Mathematics Scholarships, which are worth £1,000 per year of study. All new international students who satisfy the mathematical component of their entrance requirement will be awarded such a scholarship against their tuition fees. The award, which lasts as long as your undergraduate degree, whether that is three or four years, is paid automatically in the first year; after that payment is subject to you maintaining at least a 50% exam average.

    School International Excellence Scholarships

    In addition to the International Mathematics Scholarships, we will award up to 15 School International Excellence Scholarships. These competitive awards are for the successful international applicants who have demonstrated the highest overall academic excellence. The awards are worth £2,000 per year of study on top of the International Mathematics Scholarship (making a total award of £3,000 for that year). These excellence scholarships are for one academic year and are awarded to the best students each year, the decision being based on the previous years' exam results. Eight of these awards are specifically for students from Africa, China, India, Pakistan, and Malaysia, and seven more will be open to any international student.

    Faculty Scholarships

    We offer up to ten scholarships worth £2,000 per year for well qualified international undergraduate students in the Faculty. The awards will take the form of a scholarship against your tuition fees, and are in addition to any scholarship awarded by the School. All international students who have firmly accepted the offer of a place within the Faculty by 30 June will be automatically considered for a scholarship, based on academic merit. For details of eligibility see our Faculty pages.

    Eligibility and selection

    All international students will be considered automatically for these scholarships, and need not apply for them. We will notify prospective students of their eligibility for the International Mathematics Scholarship as soon as we know whether they satisfy the entrance requirements. Since the International Excellence Scholarships will be awarded on a competitive basis, we do not expect to know who the recipients are until the beginning of the academic year.

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