You may have a definite career in mind when you come to University, but most students are unsure of the eventual career that they will follow. Studying for a mathematics degree allows you to keep many options open while you discover your strengths and find out more about specific careers.

A wide variety of career options is available to the Mathematics graduate. Some of these careers require subject-specific knowledge and skills that are part of the Mathematics degree; others may depend mainly on 'higher-order skills' such as numeracy, the ability to think logically and quantitatively, to handle data and to analyse and solve complicated problems. Our mathematics degree courses are designed to give a good mathematical education and to develop these higher-order skills. We also offer opportunities for students to develop their presentation and study skills, and the team-working abilities, all of which employers find valuable.

The wide variety of Mathematics options available, together with the opportunity to take course units in other subjects, allows you to tailor your degree to suit your requirements and interests. A student aiming for work in the financial sector might, on the BSc course, include an emphasis on statistics and take some accountancy and economics course units. Another, hoping to work for a PhD, might take the MMath degree with its opportunity for specialisation. Another could do a three year degree but then take an MSc. Another might take a language with a view to working abroad. Of course, options may also be chosen purely for their inherent interest.

The most popular areas of employment are financial work and management services but postgraduate work and teaching are also popular choices. Mathematics graduates are much in demand and are less likely to be unemployed than the graduate population as a whole, with most finding permanent employment in due course.

We work closely with the University's Careers Service, which provides valuable assistance to our students in exploring the jobs market. This close relationship includes a special careers talk to our second-year students, and active collaboration on our second-year course on Career Management Skills. The School of Mathematics also runs its own annual careers event, Careers, which takes place in October.

Did you know?

More employers visit the Manchester campus than any other University and the recent Signposts to Employability report identifies our graduates as the most sought-after in the country
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