Axiomatic approaches to the Hrushovski Programme

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Axiomatic approaches to the Hrushovski Programme

Group Mathematical Logic

The celebrated Hrushovski Programme is aimed at proving  that the group of fixed points of a generic automorphism of a simple group of finite Morley rank behaves as a pseudofinite group and, with some luck, is pseudofinite indeed. The aim of the project is to analyse a few configurations where the assumptions of the Hrushovski Conjecture are strengthened. For example, an interesting case is where the fixed points sets of the automorphism in question have "size" with values in a linearly ordered ring which behaves in a strict analogy with cardinality of finite sets; will in that case the group of fixed points be pseudofinite? This question may perhaps involve some non-trivial model theory of the ring of "sizes" and some abstract versions of the Lang-Weil inequality linking the Morley rank of an invariant definable set and the "size" of  the set of its fixed points.

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