Scenery flow and fine structure of fractals

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Scenery flow and fine structure of fractals

Group Analysis and Dynamical Systems

After the recent influential works of Furstenberg and Hochman-Shmerkin techniques based on magnifying measures (and taking their tangent measures) have been essential in the study of arithmetic and geometric features of sets and measures in new settings. For example, these approaches work well with notions that involve questions on the entropy or dimensions of a measure, projections and distance sets, or features related to equidistribution. The key ideas are based on the dynamics or stochastics of the process of magnification and applying classical tools from ergodic theory and Markov chains. I have been recently working on developing these techniques with new arithmetic and geometric applications in mind. The project would try to attempt develop these in the setting of nonconformal dynamics, in particular self-affine fractals such as Baranski carpets and also fractals arising from nonsmooth dynamics such as quasiregular geometry.

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