Additive combinatorics in dynamics and spectral theory

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Additive combinatorics in dynamics and spectral theory

Group Analysis and Dynamical Systems

The high-frequency asymptotics of Fourier coefficients of functions and measures describe their local structure. For example, they can be used to yield geometric or arithmetic features of the object under study such as on dimension, curvature, equidistribution or combinatoric structure. In my recent work I have been working on finding conditions based on ergodic theory, dynamical systems and stochastics which yield efficient estimates for Fourier transforms of dynamically or randomly constructed objects. Furthermore, we aim to use these estimates to obtain new arithmetic/geometric applications for them. Recent revolutions on applications of additive combinatorics to dynamics by Bourgain, Dyatlov, Hochman, Shmerkin et al. have presented many interesting problems that we will attempt to now solve in the context of thermodynamical formalism. Specific projects include establishing connections between nonlinearity and Fourier transforms, and Fractal Uncertainty Principle for Gibbs measures of Kleinian group actions, which would yield to new essential spectral gap estimates for Laplacian on hyperbolic manifolds.

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