Algebraic differential equations and model theory

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Algebraic differential equations and model theory

Group Algebra

Generally speaking this area is currently my main focus of research. Differential rings and algebraic differential equations have been a crucial source of examples for model theory (more specifically, geometric stability theory), and have had numerous application in number theory, algebraic geometry, and combinatorics (to name a few).

In this project we propose to establish and analyse deep structural results on the model theory of (partial) differential fields. It has been known, for quite some time now, that while the classical notions of 'dimension' differ for differential fields, there is a strong relationship between them. We aim to tackle the following foundational (still open) question of this theory: are there infinite dimensional types that are also strongly minimal? This is somewhat related to the understanding of regular types, which interestingly are quite far from being fully classified. A weak version of Zilber's dichotomy have been established for such types, but is the full dichotomy true?

The above is also connected to the understanding of differential-algebraic groups (or definable groups in differentially closed fields). While the notions of dimension agree for these objects in the 'ordinary' case, the question is still open in the 'partial' case. We expect that once progress is made in the direction of the above problems, we will also be closer to the answer of this question.

There are classical references for all of the above concepts and standing problems, so the interested student should have no problem in learning the background material (and start making progress) in a relatively short period of time.


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