2014 WCA Lecture: Actuaries and low fat yoghurt; are you being served?

Wednesday 10th December, G51 Chemistry, 5pm.

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The 2014 WCA Lecture will be delivered by Stuart Benson, an independent actuary with over 35 years experience in the industry.

ALL ACTUARIAL STUDENTS ARE EXPECTED TO ATTEND THIS EVENT. Anyone else wishing to attend should email sebastian.rees@manchester.ac.uk to request a space.

Title and Abstract:

Actuaries and low fat yoghurt; are you being served?

Stuart Benson takes a light hearted look at how actuaries can help - and hinder - corporate and consumer decisions in pension saving, looking at the experience of the past 40 years and how those coming in to the profession can help consumers over the next 40.

Companies and consumers are misinformed about simple things on a regular basis; scientific myths become consumer mantras and advertising slogans. How can you, when you become an actuary, hope to educate your clients and customers about the complex areas in which we work so that they can make well informed decisions?


4:30pm  Arrival & Registration

5pm       Welcome: Professor Peter Duck, Head of School of Mathematics

5:05pm  Speaker Introduction: Martin Miles, Master of the WCA

5:10pm  Lecture: Stuart Benson

6pm       Thanks to speaker & sponsor, Professor Peter Duck

6:05pm  Wine reception


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