A-Level Maths revision days

The next A-level Maths Revision Days will take place in May 2015. Please check back here at a later date for more details.


May 2014. C1 - C2 - C3 - C4.

The University of Manchester, Renold Building

(No.8 on the interactive map) 

Each module is a full day of sessions revising the key topics for that module. There will be lots of examples, exam questions, looking at mark schemes and so on.  


£18 for 1 day, £30 for 2 days or £42 for 3 days.

How to book

Online booking is available at http://man.ac.uk/y1hiEW or download the booking form here: May 2014 A-Level Maths Revision Days booking form

Tue 13th May
1pm to 6pm

Thur 29th May
10am - 4pm

Fri 30th May
10am - 4pm

C1. AQA C2. MEI  C4. AQA 
C1. MEI C3. AQA  C4. Edexcel
C2. Edexcel C3. Edexcel  C4. MEI 
C2. OCR C3. MEI  C4. OCR
C2. AQA C3. OCR  

Mode of delivery

Four 60-minute sessions on each course are delivered by an A-Level specialist staff. Focus is on content strengthening, past paper analysis, working sessions.

Contact us

If you are interested please email Steven.Broom@manchester.ac.uk

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