Kazmen Lian

There are lots of opportunities available for those who put in the effort to grab them. Work hard and play hard.


How did you decide on your degree choice? What appealed about Manchester?

I was keen on becoming an actuary after being introduced to it. However, I did not want to be restricted and went for a joint degree. Manchester has a strong reputation and ranking in the world. It was the first university to offer me a position and the only one with a joint degree in Actuarial Science in the UK. 

What were your first impressions of the University and the city?

The University of Manchester has a long history and has produced many famous people.  It is situated close to town meaning that there is a fair share of social life and shopping on offer.

The airport is easily accessible by train, bus or taxi. People that I have met are really friendly and helpful, allowing me to adapt quickly into a new environment when I first arrived. It is less costly to live in Manchester than London, which helps your finances significantly and allows you to participate in more activities. 

What are you most enjoying about your course?

The flexibility to control your own schedule. You do not have to constantly drown in your notes but maintaining a good revision pace is advisable. In addition, you get to meet people from different cultures and countries. You will realise how little you know upon interaction; building relationships can bring you a long way.

What skills and attributes do you think you have gained from your course and co-curricular activities so far?

With endless activities happening daily and numerous societies and clubs to join, you can only wish for more time. I was part of Mahjong Society, Actuarial Society, Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) and Aikido Society. It can be fun to immerse yourself in many activities. However, do not be overwhelmed by the activities and only manage what you can. Holding leadership positions can enhance your management, interpersonal and communication skills which are important for your job interviews! 

How do you think you are benefitting from studying at Manchester?

I have been given the chance to experience something different and that itself is a huge benefit. The people I have met, the friends I have made, the fun I have experienced; these are all made possible at Manchester.

With the airport less than half an hour away and a major train hub, I was able to travel extensively during the breaks and holidays. There are many non-expensive flights out of Manchester and Liverpool (an hour away) making Europe your playground.

What advice would you give to students considering applying for the same course that you took?

There are lots of opportunities available for those who put in the effort to grab them. Work hard and play hard. It is not an easy course but neither is it impossible. Expect the unexpected as university can be very different from your previous years of schooling. You only have three years, so cherish every moment.

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