Abdul Ghalib Khan

I have enjoyed the degree, the environment and, all in all, these three years have been the best of my life.


How did you decide on your degree choice? What appealed about Manchester?

I was unsure which degree to take so picked my favourite subject; my choice of university was much more thought through. Being from Manchester and intending to live at home The University of Manchester was the natural choice. The institution as a whole has always had a very strong reputation and the School of Mathematics in particular is one of the best in the country. The location of the University is also fantastic, being both easily accessible and in the vicinity of fantastic facilities.

What were your first impressions of the University and the city?

The Alan Turing Building was the first University building I visited. It is simply stunning and I could not have imagined a maths building looking as incredible as it does. Manchester is my home and without a doubt the greatest city in this country, if not the world! 

What are you most enjoying about your course?

The courses are fantastic, as is the teaching. The PASS scheme has helped me to make friends on the course. The Alan Turing Building has fantastic facilities including the unique quiet and group study rooms.

The opportunity to take on a project in a subject I enjoy has really stretched me, but has been thoroughly enjoyable.

What skills and attributes do you think you have gained from your course and co-curricular activities so far?

Mathematics has developed my analytical and problem solving skills while instilling the importance of employing a logical approach to tackling questions of any kind.

As a PASS leader I have developed my group-working skills. I have planned and led sessions for between six and ten people. Solving problems, both academic and social, comes as part of the role.

This year I have been lucky enough to be a student PASS coordinator. I have worked with three others to manage 80 pass leaders and 400 first year students. This has improved my time management and organisational skills.

I am president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Students Association at the University. My people skills have improved, as has my ability to organise events on a large scale.

The variety of societies you can join is incredible.

How do you think you are benefitting from studying at Manchester?

I am being academically challenged. There is lots of choice, thus keeping me interested in the subjects I am studying. Socially, I have made lots of friends and contacts. I have learnt a lot about other religions through the interfaith scene. 

What advice would you give to students considering applying for the same course that you took?

The course is very well structured. It appears that there are a lot of hours but this is typical for any science degree. There is lots of help available to anyone who is struggling.

There are lots of opportunities to socialise both on the course and outside of it.

The city has something for everyone and I am yet to come across anyone who has not enjoyed at least this part of their experience.

I have enjoyed the degree, the environment and, all in all, these three years have been the best of my life.

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