MSc Mathematical Finance
Linlin Ming

I am so glad to have chosen Mathematical Finance as my major. Deep love of numbers is the reason for studying this course at the school of Mathematics

 Why did you choose to study this course here at the School of Mathematics? 

To be honest, I am so glad to have chosen Mathematical Finance as my major. Deep love of numbers is the reason for studying this course at the school of Mathematics. Moreover, I studied Finance in the university before I came Manchester. Combination of knowledge in Finance and Maths prepares me well for my future career path. I believe that the outstanding economist is also a mathematician.


What were you doing before your MSc?

Before my study in the University of Manchester, I got my bachelor degree of  Economics in Shanghai, China.


What are your career plans after graduation?  

I aspire to become a financial analyst in an investment banking. Playing with numbers is my ideal daily work.


What do you enjoy most about studying at the School of Mathematics?

There is a large computer room and a study room for postgraduates in Alan Turing building. The Computational Finance is one of the most practical courses during your MSc life and it builds on a solid foundation for our career paths by teaching us how to code for several financial approaches to solve financial problems.

There are seminars every week on the bridge in the Alan Turing building and several open days every year for you to get in touch with student ambassadors and professors. Different grad career fairs are held every year, including the Chinese Career Fair.


How much time to do you spend in classes and undertaking independent study? 

There are 16 hours every week for lectures, tutorials and labs. So we have enough time to devote to our independent study. I can fully enjoy my weekends without any study if i can revise and have good command of the study materials after lectures. Only three courses have coursework, two courses from the Business School in the first semester and the Computational Finance (based on C++) in the second semester.


How did you find the change from Undergraduate to Postgraduate level study?

There is a big gap between my Undergraduate and Postgraduate level study. I didn’t know much about those mathematical courses I am taking before I came here. Therefore, more independent study is necessary after each lecture. But do not worry; you will adapt very well since all the professors are very nice and willing to help you with your difficulties. Also, the course materials are not hard to understand. I am enjoying my daily study in Maths. 


What is the best thing about living in Manchester?

Manchester is a wonderful place to live in. Convenient transportation, great facilities( such as our libraries and learning commons), sunshine, only 1 mile far from the University to the city center, large shopping centers, necessary nightlife and watching football matches...

You will fall in love with Manchester and just enjoy your life! By the way, there are several nice Chinese restaurants here deserve a visit!


What advice would you give to those considering studying at the School of Mathematics?

The pre-sessional English course is a good opportunity to make friends and practice yourself speaking fluent English and making presentations. If you have reached the language requirement, you can still apply for the 3-week pre-sessional English course if you want to make friends or improve English language ability.

Feel free to use the study rooms in Alan Turing building and never let procrastination urge you to complete everything before the deadline, especially the exams and dissertation. 

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