Daisy Gaunt

Everyone is really happy to help you, either academically or with other issues, as long as you put the effort in first.


How did you decide on your degree choice? What appealed about Manchester?

I decide to study Statistics because I felt that I hadn't had enough experience of this area during my BSc course. I choose Manchester because it offered a course that was lecture-based. It also enabled me to find out where I wanted my career to go by keeping all of my options open and not just concentrating on one area of statistics, such as medical or financial.

What were your first impressions of the University and the city?

I've lived around Manchester most of my life, so I felt comfortable studying here. I felt that as it is a big university you have to make yourself get involved in life here. You have to make the effort to contact your lecturers, you have to find out what there is to do around the city and also you have to make sure you're studying enough!

What are you most enjoying about your course?

I enjoy the modules where we use computer packages, such as R, because I feel that this is something that we will definitely use in our future careers. I enjoy talking to lecturers and finding out what opportunities there are for either future study or going into the world of work. Everyone is really happy to help you, either academically or with other issues, as long as you put the effort in first.

What skills and attributes do you think you have gained from your course and co-curricular activities so far?

As I live at home, I haven’t joined any societies mainly because it takes a long time to get into university each day. Studying for a Masters degree is a lot more intense than an undergraduate degree, you have a lot more work to do as the courses are each 15 credits instead of ten and there is more content because of that. I would say that the best thing is that I have a broader understanding of statistical methods and that is more attractive to employers now than just having an undergraduate degree.

How do you think you are benefitting from studying at Manchester?

It’s a large, prestigious university where there are always opportunities to gain more skills that could help further your career.

What advice would you give to students considering applying for the same course that you took?

It is an intense course, but it's enjoyable. If you haven't studied at Manchester before then you might find the first semester hard as you will just be getting used to how everything works, but by the second semester you'll be fine!

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