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Prof Mike Prest

Role: Professor


Tel: 0161 275-5875

Location: Alan Turing Building-1.120
School of Mathematics
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL




Professor of Pure Mathematics, School of Mathematics

My mathematical focus is the category of modules over a ring, and
similar categories.  Usually these are far too complicated to
understand in their entirety so we concentrate on the more
interesting parts.  We also look for associated structures, which
might be algebraic, logical, topological or geometric, that organise
some of the information in the category and which reflect the
complexity of the category.  So this is a mixture of algebra, model
theory, category theory, ....  The interaction between these various
parts of mathematics is, for me, an important part of the fun.

My interest in algebra and model theory formed while I was an
undergraduate at the University of Aberdeen.  Given these interests,
Leeds was a natural choice for where to go to work for a PhD.  After
a couple of years lecturing at Leeds, a Science Research Council
fellowship at Bedford College (London) and three years lecturing in
the USA (2 years at Northern Illinois University, 1 year at Yale), I
returned to spend three years as a University Research Fellow at the
University of Liverpool and finally ended up here.

For my research and teaching see other parts of this, and my own
webpage.  My main public engagement activity was involvement with
the Greater Manchester Mathematics Challenge over the thirteen years
of its existence.  My main "service" activities have been ten years
as an editorial adviser for the journals of the London Mathematical
Society (LMS) and, with <a href="">Ted Voronov </a> , LMS regional organiser
for the North of England.

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