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  • Boyle, A., Crabb, M., Jehl, M., Lionheart, W., & Adler, A. (2017). Methods for Calculating the Electrode Position Jacobian for Impedance Imaging. Physiological Measurement. . Publication link: 3f9e2fd2-d47b-468b-ae61-927180e7d732


  • Crabb, M. (2016). Convergence study of 2D forward problem of electrical impedance tomography with high order finite elements. Inverse Problems in Science and Engineering. . Publication link: ce084ea6-b749-410d-a0af-9d7f162c55e4


  • Crabb, M., Adler, A. (Ed.), & Grychtol, B. (Ed.) (2014). Regional lung compliance: Coupling ventilation and electrical data. In A. Adler, & B. Grychtol (Eds.), Proceedings of the 15th International Conference on Biomedical Applications of Electrical Impedance Tomography. (pp. 79). IOP Publishing Ltd.. . Publication link: fb57ed49-9c73-4354-9653-beb38d1523af
  • Crabb, M. G., Davidson, J. L., Little, R., Wright, P., Morgan, A. R., Miller, C. A., ... Lionheart, W. R. B. (2014). Mutual information as a measure of image quality for 3D dynamic lung imaging with EIT.Physiological Measurement, 35(5), 863-879. DOI: 10.1088/0967-3334/35/5/863. Publication link: 119a1703-a5d7-423b-b2c5-7d7f6dcd0af2 | PubMed:24710978


  • Crabb, M. G., Davidson, J. L., Little, R., Wright, P., Naish, J. H., Parker, G. J. M., ... Lionheart, W. R. B. (2013). Mutual information as a measure of reconstruction quality in 3D dynamic lung EIT. In Journal of Physics: Conference Series|J. Phys. Conf. Ser.. (Vol. 434). IOP Publishing Ltd.. DOI: 10.1088/1742-6596/434/1/012082. Publication link: ed2c6c60-b7d3-46f3-a3d2-18511dcd95e2


  • Davidson, J. L., Wright, R. A. L. P., Crabb, M., Naish, J., Morgan, A., Parker, G. J. M., ... McCann, H. (2012). MRI-informed functional EIT lung imaging. In Proc. XIIIth Int. Conference on Electrical Impedance Tomography, May 2012, Tianjin, China.. Publication link: 6d7b022d-2add-412b-897d-48c4a9c7555d
  • Crabb, M., Chauris, H. (Ed.), Andy, A. (Ed.), & William, L. R. B. (Ed.) (2012). Accounting for electrode movement in MRI-informed functional EIT lung imaging. In H. Chauris, A. Andy, & L. R. B. William (Eds.), 100 years of electrical imaging. (pp. 83-86). Paris: Presses des Mines. . Publication link: 15a8c678-39eb-46aa-a7a5-065ea33c6ec1


  • Crabb, M., & Lionheart, B. (2011). Accurate calculation of the sensitivity in EIT. Poster session presented at 12th International Conference in Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT 2011), Bath, .. Publication link: debf1dd6-baa5-400d-ad16-ad0d250ee57f

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