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Units taught

Year Code Title Role
2016/17 MATH10111 Foundations of Pure Mathematics B Teaching Assistant
2016/17 MATH10212 Linear Algebra B Course Leader
2016/17 MATH19861 Mathematics 0N1 Course Leader
2016/17 MATH30000 Double Project Course Leader
2016/17 MATH60000P Dissertation (90cr) Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Logic Course Leader
2016/17 MATH61000 Double Project Course Leader
2016/17 MATH61202 Project Semester Two Course Leader


This semester (Autumn 2013) I teach 
MATH19861 0N1 Mathematics for Foundation Studies.
I have 40 years of teaching expereince. I worked as a night warden in a boarding school, as an instructor in a mathematics correpondence school, taught evening classes for mature part time university students and foundation programme courses for fresh school leavers, supervised MSc dissertations in mathematics education and university students' work placements as trainee teachers in secondary schools -  and, of course, supervised MSc dissertations and PhD theses in mathematics.
I taught, in Manchester and in previous employment,
  •  preparatory (foundation) courses in Euclidean geometry, elementary algebra, basic set theory and elementary logic, precalculus;
  • undergraduate courses in Calculus, Advanced Calculus, Analysis and Measure Theory, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistics, Analytic Geometry with Tensor Analysis, Number Theory, Number Theory and Cryptography, Logic, Recursion Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Group Theory, Coding Theory, Reflection Groups, Mathematics Education;
  • graduate/postgraduate level courses in Model Theory, Multilinear Algebra, Symmetric Spaces, Linear Algebraic Groups, Classical Groups.

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