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Role: Lecturer In Pure Mathematics


Tel: 0161 306-3672

Location: Alan Turing Building-2.118
School of Mathematics
The University of Manchester
M13 9PL




Current position: Lecturer in pure mathematics at the University of Manchester. My Homepage: http://personalpages.manchester.ac.uk/staff/Marcus.Tressl/index.php. I'm a member of the mathematical logic group
(http://www.mims.manchester.ac.uk/research/logic/index.html) in the School of Mathematics (http://www.maths.manchester.ac.uk/).

I obtained my PhD at the University of Regensburg, Germany in 1997 and I have the german habilitation since 2006. I held teaching assitant positions at the universities of Regensburg and Passau (Germany). In 1998, I was a research fellow at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute, Berkeley, USA. In 2003  I was a guest at the mathematical institute of the University of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

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