Dr Carolyn Dean - teaching


Units taught

Year Code Title Role
2016/17 EART10301 Introduction to the Earth Teaching Assistant
2016/17 EART30030 Abstract, Poster & Seminar in Earth Sciences Teaching Assistant
2016/17 EEEN10027 Energy Transport and Conversion Teaching Assistant
2016/17 EEEN30070 Electrical Drive Systems Lecturer
2016/17 MACE11012 Manufacturing Engineering 1 Lecturer
2016/17 MATH10001 Mathematical Workshop Course Leader
2016/17 MATH10111 Foundations of Pure Mathematics B Teaching Assistant
2016/17 MATH10951 Financial Mathematics for Actuarial Science 1 Course Leader
2016/17 MATH10990 English for Mathematicians Course Leader
2016/17 MATH19732 Mathematics 1G2 Course Leader
2016/17 MATH19812 Mathematics 0B2 Teaching Assistant
2016/17 MATH19832 Mathematics 0C2 Teaching Assistant
2016/17 MATH30000 Double Project Course Leader
2016/17 MATH30011 Project (Semester One) Course Leader

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