Dr Carolyn Dean - research


Research interests

I am a member of the School of Mathematics, where my interests are focused on outreach to schools and colleges, on the recruitment and retention of a diverse undergraduate population, and on the continued professional development of secondary mathematics teachers.

 As a member of the School Admissions Committee I am tracking the academic achievments of our undergraduate students. I  have begun, with Peter Eccles and Ruth Thomas, a program of academic intervention for at risk students. 

 I am analyzing the role of cultural acclimatisation and, in particular, language fluency on the achievements of international undergraduates.  I have found that among first year students academic preparedness trumps language fluency as a predictor of achievement.  I am now looking at the role of English fluency in Year Two and Year Three, when students' academic preparation is less directly applicable to their studies and the use of language in the course modules is increasingly subtle.



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