Staff - Professional support staff

Name Role Tel Location Email
Mr James Platt Temp Staff 
Mr James Platt Temp Staff 
Ms Abigail Bown Area Coordinator Further Maths Support Programme Alan Turing Building 
Mrs Helen Harper External Affairs & Recruitment 0161-2755856 Alan Turing Building 
Ms Claire Henriet Admissions Assistant 0161-2755804 Alan Turing Building 
Mrs Julia Newbold Undergraduate Secretary Alan Turing Building 
Dr Stephen Owen Research Support Manager 0161-3063531 Alan Turing Building - 1.112 
Mrs Susan Tizini P.A. to Professor Peter Duck, Head of School and Diane Masterson-Kerr, Head of School Administration 0161-2755881 Alan Turing Building - 1.205 
Mrs Diane Masterson-Kerr Head of School Administration 0161-2755839 Alan Turing Building - 1.205B 
Mr Alex Amato Admissions Assistant 0161-2755826 Alan Turing Building - 1.209 
Miss Sarah Fowler Administrative Assistant 0161-2755812 Alan Turing Building - 1.209 
Mr Lenox Green Undergraduate/pgt Admissions Assistant 0161-2750174 Alan Turing Building - 1.209 
Miss Stephanie Lai Administrative Assistant 0161-3063221 Alan Turing Building - 1.209 
Mrs Anna Bigland PG Administrator 0161-2750176 Alan Turing Building - G.202A 
Miss Anna-Maria Gorchilova Student Intern 0161-3068158 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Miss Stephanie Keegan Teaching and Learning Administrator 0161-3066415 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Miss Bryony Quick Programme Administrator 0161-2755802 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Mr Sebastian Rees Academic and Student Support Administrator 0161-2754632 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Miss Tracey Smith Student Support Assistant (Reception) 0161-2755800 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Miss Nikki Svarups Staff 0161-3063641 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Ms Julie Thompson Teaching and Learning Administrative Assistant 0161-2755646 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Mr John White Teaching and Learning Team 0161-2755801 Alan Turing Building - G.204 
Mrs Francesca Moss Teaching And Learning Administrator 0161-2755899 Alan Turing Building - G204 
Mr Matthew Regan Business Administration Apprentice 0161-3063221 Alan Turing Building - G204/1.209 
Mrs Anna Humble Research Support Officer 0161-3063570 Kilburn Building - 1.126 
Mrs Natalia Stefanovic Research Support Officer 0161-3063572 Kilburn Building - 2.126 
Mr Tony Mcdonald Health and Safety & Environment Manager 0161-2756118 Kilburn Building - LF 23 
Dr Christopher Paul System Administrator (Operations) 0161-3063545 Sackville Street Building - B39 
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