Panagiota Filippou

Panagiota Filippou

Course: Mathematics (3 Years) [MMath]

Course dates: 2009-2012

Current occupation: PhD student at University College of London


What did you most enjoy about your time at Manchester?

The lovely campus of the University as well as the friendly environment were some of the inspirations for living and studying in Manchester. Coming from Cyprus, it was my first time living in Manchester and I really fell in love with the city; you can find anything you can imagine there - pubs, bars, shops, etc.

The campus is in the heart of Manchester, giving you the chance to enjoy a coffee, a drink or food after lectures. The professors as well as the members of staff at the university are more than willing to help you at any time. In addition, the school of mathematics as a building offers so many facilities making the Alan Turing Building as one of the best building on campus.

Did you enjoy studying at Manchester?

The lectures are quite enjoyable and interesting at the same time. I really liked the fact that in the first year I had the chance to be taught a range of courses, including mathematics, mechanics and statistics. Thus I could choose the areas that I liked the most and therefore specialized on these particular fields in my second third year. 

How has your qualification at the University helped secure your current position?

The high level mathematical skills I received from the university were the key of my success in my current position as a PhD student at University College of London. The degree of Mathematics from the University of Manchester is not only a passport to the world of new knowledge but it is also a valuable asset that helps to improve both the critical and creative thinking.

Would you recommend the University as a good place to study?

I absolutely recommend the University of Manchester as a place to study. During my time there I have met interesting people and I made a lot of lifetime friends. In addition, except from the high level educational background the university provides you, it also gives you the chance to combine your studies with your hobbies by the range of societies it offers. 

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