Edward Robinson

Edward Robinson

Data analysis has been a large part of my roles and here the analytical point of view that is cultivated during a Mathematics degree has helped hugely.

Course: Mathematics (3 Years) [BSc]

Course dates: 2009-2012

Current occupation: Customer Service Marketing Analyst at Mercedes-Benz Trucks (Daimler)

What are your main responsibilities in your current role? 

Currently my role involves analysing the UK Truck market in terms of Customer Service opportunities which encompasses labour, parts and campaign products. In terms of the Truck market this is a key area for both manufacturer, customer and Dealer network. Customers cannot afford downtime where their vehicles are off the road as commercial vehicles, unlike passenger cars, are revenue generators. I am very new to this role and my previous role included a similar analysis position on the sales side of the business, analysing customer types and buying behaviours. 

Please summarise your career progression since graduation, but in particular, what was your first relevant role to the area in which you work now and how did you secure that position?

Since graduating I have occupied two positions within the same company, Mercedes-Benz, initially I was in a Sales analysis and Dealer statistics related role which involved research and reporting based on the types of customers that Mercedes-Benz do and do not sell to and supporting the field sales team. Since then I have been promoted into a permanent position within Mercedes-Benz and am gaining experience in the Customer Service (parts, labour, repair and maintenance) area of Mercedes-Benz Trucks. 

How has your qualification helped you in your career?

Whilst the actual content of my degree has not assisted, the attitude, mind-set and problem solving ability has made a huge impact on my working attitude. Data analysis has been a large part of my roles and here the analytical point of view that is cultivated during a Mathematics degree has helped hugely. 

What is your greatest achievement to date?

In terms of my career, becoming one of the youngest permanent members of staff at Mercedes-Benz and taking on responsibility beyond that which is normally available to people of my age. However personally the thing I am most proud of is less concrete and is the way that I have tried to immerse myself in the company and the environment to become a 'go-to' person within the business. 

What advice would you give to someone thinking of pursuing a similar career route and what skills/experience do you consider to be necessary?

I would say that getting a foot into the door of a large company has been the major contributing factor to my career so far. Once you have a foot in only then is it possible to demonstrate your working attitude. 

What do you think was the most valuable aspect of your time at Manchester? 

I think that the most valuable aspect of my degree was not the academic content, whilst I very much enjoyed this and learnt a huge amount I have not used it since, instead it is the mind-set, work ethic and attitude that are developed throughout a degree that have stood me in good stead. 

Why would you recommend the University as a good place to study?

I would recommend Manchester as a good place to study for several reasons, the research capabilities of the University have attracted not only some of the brightest minds in the academic world but people who are engaged with their subject and keen to teach others. The academic facilities that I encountered were in general fantastic but for anyone interested in sport, the facilities are available are even better. The legacy of the Commonwealth games is pretty clear and there are good sports facilities all round. While some people might be put off by the size of the University it means that the diversity of topics that you can study and specialise in are immense.

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