Employment opportunities

There are currently no specific positions available in the group. There may be other general positions within the School of Mathematics or the wider University with potential to work with the group. For more information see:

The University also has an ongoing programme of recruiting genuinely world-leading researchers (typically, people who have made a widely recognised transformative contribution to a major aspect of their subject). If you believe you may fall into this category then it may be possible to create a position for you; please contact Mark Kambites to discuss further.

Fellowship opportunities

For researchers at postdoctoral level and above who have or intend to develop their own research programmes, there are a number of organisations which fund fellowships to be held in UK universities. These include the UK research councils, the European Union, the Royal Society and the Leverhulme Trust. If you are interested in applying to hold such a fellowship within the group then please contact Mark Kambites for informal discussion. It would be helpful if you could provide a brief description of your background, your research plans, the fellowship(s) you are interested in applying for, and why you think you are good candidate for them.

Study opportunities

A number of members of the group are willing to supervise suitably qualified PhD students in areas of tropical mathematics. If you are interested, please either make direct contact with an appropriate member of the group, or submit an application for PhD research to the School of Mathematics, listing "Tropical Mathematics" as your area of interest.

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