Statistics and its Applications

We carry out research in various areas of statistics, ranging from theoretical studies to applied research. 

We are interested in developing novel statistical methodology for complex data, particularly arising in biology, finance, environment and medicine. We have close research links with both world-class researchers and local practitioners in these areas. We also run a statistical consultancy services for University colleagues, as well as local practitioners.

We provide teaching and supervision on statistical sciences at both undergraduate and postgraduate (MSc and PhD) level. Our undergraduate courses include BSc (3 year) and MMath (4 years) in Mathematics and Statistics, while postgraduate taught courses include the MSc in Statistics (1 year) which has an additional Financial Statistics pathway (1 year). The taught courses at both undergraduate and postgraduate level have Royal Statistical Society (RSS) accreditation. In particular, the MSc in Statistics which has be running since 1996, has become a very well-established and successful programme in the School. We also train and supervise research students in statistics at both MPhil and PhD level.

Statistics at Manchester has had a long tradition – the chair in Mathematical Statistics is one of the oldest established chairs in the UK and the prestigious Journal of Time Series Analysis had its Editor-in-Chief from Manchester (Maurice B. Priestley) since its foundation in 1980 until the end of 2012.

Research Reports

One output of the group is the publication of a Research Reports series. An archive of the reports (dating back to 2005) is available.

Research interests

Did you know?

There is a long tradition of Statistics and its Applications at Manchester - the chair in Mathematical Statistics is one of the oldest established chairs in the UK. Previous members of staff include such well known names as Bartlett, Cane, Gani, Laycock, Papangelou, Parthasarathy, Priestley, Subba Rao and Whittle.
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