Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Research in Industrial mathematics within the School of Mathematics at Manchester is broad and varied, cutting across all of the areas of Mathematics. We use the term “industry” to refer to any external organization, for example a hospital, charity, SME or multi-national. Importantly, the work that we carry out is indeed research, leading to new mathematics in the form of novel methodologies, algorithms or models.

Over the last 5 years research in this area within the School has increased significantly by virtue of a number of initiatives and now a large proportion of research active staff engage with some form of industrial partner. We have three lecturers in Industrial Mathematics: Raphael Assier, Geoff Evatt and Gareth Wyn Jones whose role is to support existing links and develop new ones. We also have an MSc in Applied Mathematics, the Programme Director of which is William Parnell. This course has strong links with industry including many sponsored dissertations.

How to engage with the group?

There are a number of mechanisms by which we engage with external partners. The simplest is a short workshop where companies visit the School for a single day and pose 4-5 problems of interest. Staff and PhD students then attack these problems in groups of varied size. Outcomes can range from a full solution to the problem to scoping out a research project for something that is short or long-term. In order to ensure follow-on the external organization then choose one of the problems as an MSc dissertation on our MSc in Applied Mathematics.

Other, longer-term forms of interaction are full sponsorship of PhDs, CASE PhDs, KTP and KTN projects, PhD internships, incoming fellowships for staff from industry into the School and straightforward sponsorship of postdoctoral or academic time.

We are keen to broaden our engagement and work with a wide range of companies both locally, nationally and internationally. For more details including contacts see our industry pages.

Examples of engagement

Over the last 5 years staff from the School have worked on a variety of project with industry and it is impossible to do justice to this research here. Examples are algorithm development for airport baggage scanners, defect assessment on the production line, noise reduction on domestic appliances and the material behaviour and flow of chocolate. See our industrial collaboration pages for some descriptions of past examples.

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