Faustin Adiceam

Diophantine Approximation, Visibility problems in convex geometry in relation with the Danzer Problem, Interactions between Diophantine Approximation and Information Theory, Mathematical Theory of Quasicrystals, Finite Fields, Transcendental Number Theory

Paul Glendinning
Paul Glendinning

Bifurcation theory for maps and flows.

Tom Kempton

Applications of thermodynamic formalism to problems in fractal geometry and number theory, and in particular in the study of Bernoulli convolutions and self-affine sets. Percolation and the graph reconstruction conjecture. 

James Montaldi

Hamiltonian systems with symmetry, bifurcations and symmetry breaking, momentum maps and conservation laws, group actions.

Mark Muldoon
Mark Muldoon

Applications to Life Sciences.

Sean Prendiville

Additive combinatorics.

Tuomas Sahlsten

Smooth and discrete dynamics and fractal geometry, harmonic analysis and additive combinatorics, quantum chaos / wave equation, machine learning

Nikita Sidorov
Nikita Sidorov

Dynamical Systems, Fractal Geometry and Number Theory.

Charles Walkden
Charles Walkden

Skew-product dynamical systems, in particular in their ergodic-theoretic and probabilistic properties, and applications to iterated function systems.

Current research associates

Demi Allen

Diophantine approximation. Research associate until December 2018.

Clifford Gilmore

Linear dynamics and quantum chaos. Research associate until December 2018.

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