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Diophantine problems (DIOP) 11-15 September 2017

Description: This conference is part of the celebration of the recent reformation of the number theory group at Manchester. The most famous period for number theory in Manchester was during the 1920's-1940's, when Mordell worked here and attracted such eminent number theorists as Davenport, Erdős and Mahler. It was in Manchester that Mordell proved his famous theorem concerning the finite generation of the group of rational points on an elliptic curve, and also formulated his famous conjecture on the finiteness of the set of rational points on curves of higher genus.

The conference will revolve around topics in number theory inspired by the work of Mordell and Davenport (broadly interpreted), with the central theme being applications of analytic number theory, algebraic geometry, and model theory to the study of Diophantine problems.

Available here. Dr Daniel Loughran
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