Upcoming Workshops and Conferences

Event Name Date Description Website Contact
Computational Challenges in Biochemical Networks: Multiscale Modelling and Inverse Problems. 30/31 August 2016 Mathematical modelling is playing an increasingly important role in biological research. Models can help with the understanding of processes from modelling interactions of individual molecules within a cell, through to species-level models of population interactions and behaviour. In this workshop, we focus on the modelling and inverse problems arising from the study of biochemical networks, leading to a better understanding of the processes which govern and regulate cell behaviour. Available here. Dr Simon Cotter
Stochastic Modelling Of Transport Processes In Biology   30/31 March 2016 This workshop addresses the problem of stochastic transport in biology: from intracellular transport to the animal's movement. It will address a range of research questions (anomalous transport involving subdiffusion and superdiffusion, power law jumps distributions, non-linear interactions between various species, aggregation phenomena, etc. ). Available here.  Prof. Sergei Fedotov
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