Upcoming Workshops and Conferences

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Infinite-dimensional Representations of Finite-dimensional Algebras September 2015

The Summer School, 9th-12th September, will introduce a variety of methods from functor category theory and model theory, with the computation of Krull-Gabriel dimension of domestic string algebras serving as a focus.

The Workshop, 14th-17th September, devoted to the broad theme of infinite-dimensional representations of finite-dimensional algebras, will feature invited talks and there will be some space for contributed talks.

Available here. Prof Mike Prest
Challenges in Nonlinear Systems: a meeting to celebrate the 65th birthday of Professor Tom Mullin 10th-11th September 2015 The scientific programme will consist of a series of a poster session and a series of talks from distinguished invited speakers. We warmly invite poster contributions from all attendees on a wide range of aspects of nonlinear systems, including shear flow instabilities, fluid dynamics, soft matter, nonlinear dynamics, granular flows and suspensions. Available here. Dr Chris Johnson.
Compressive Sensing and Sparsity: Theory and Applications in Tomography 12th-13th November 2015 Compressive sensing and sparsity have experienced intensive attention and research interest during the last 10 years in a large variety of applications, including imaging and tomography. The idea is to make use of the fact that many images or signals are sparse in specific problem-dependent bases or frames.  Available here. Dr Oliver Dorn
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