Polarization tensors for Ground Penetrating Radar: Maximising distinguishability for landmine detection

Francis Watson (University of Manchester)

Frank Adams 2,

Asymptotic expansions for the scattered electromagnetic fields due to the inclusion of small objects in a homogeneous domain can be formed in the objects' size, where each term involves a polarization tensor (also referred to as a polarizability tensor). The polarization tensors are functions only of an objects size, shape and material contrast to the background medium, and are invariant to the position of the object and the incident wave field, so give a useful measure to characterise small objects.

We discuss a suitable such expansion for ground penetrating radar, which includes ground transmission and reflection. The first term in the expansion is then used to undertake a numerical experiment in maximising distinguishability between objects by optimising antenna arrays for landmine detection, for which we give the initial results.

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