Inverse problems seminar MCMC extravaganza

Christiana Charalambous, Simon Cotter, Thomas House (University of Manchester)

Frank Adams 1,

This seminar will consist of short presentations by three members of staff from the school of mathematics each using Markov chain Monte Carlo methods in their research. Note that the seminar will be in Frank Adams 1 rather than the usual Frank Adams 2. Also note that Simon Cotter will be giving an introductory talk on MCMC methods on 23rd April. The three presentations will be:

Title: Joint Modelling using MCMC

Speaker: Christiana Charalambous


Title: Function space MCMC methods and application to infinite dimensional Bayesian inverse problems

Speaker: Simon Cotter


Title: MCMC for small data from multiple sources

Speaker: Thomas House

Abstract: Often applications demand that we extract the maximal information from several sources of data that exhibit different levels of informativeness about various parameter combinations; I will discuss how MCMC can be used to (start to) address this problem


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