Flow in highly deformable porous media: the coffee press and other problems

Dr Duncan Hewitt (University of Cambridge)

Frank Adams 1, Alan Turing Building,

The phenomenon of coupled flow and deformation in porous media arises in a huge range of settings, from everyday household activities like wringing out a kitchen sponge, to soil consolidation in sedimentary geology and swelling tissues or oedemas in biology.  In this talk I will discuss mathematical modelling of coupled flow and deformation, with a focus on two cases. First, flow-induced compaction, where the medium deforms because of the flow of fluid through it; and second, the transient response to imposed external deformation, with application to the compression and ‘dewatering' of cellulose pulp suspensions during the paper-making process.   In each case I will introduce two-phase theoretical models, consider and analyse some informative asymptotic limits, and critically compare the results to complementary laboratory experiments. 

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