Interfacial dynamics in particle-laden flows

Alban Sauret (CNRS Research Scientist, SVI Lab., Aubervilliers (France))

ATB Frank Adams 1 & 2,

Many industrial processes, such as surface coating, involve liquid films of suspensions where the thickness of the liquid film becomes comparable to the particle size. Such flow dynamics cannot be captured using a continuum rheological approach.

In this talk, we will first consider how capillary interactions affect the transport and deposition of non-Brownian particles advected in thin liquid films, with consequences such as the contamination of the surface and loss of transported material. We will demonstrate that our results can be used to design a novel capillary sorting scheme.

We will then focus on the dynamics and stability of inertial particle-laden liquid sheets. We will characterize how the presence of particles modifies the dynamics and the stability of the liquid sheet.

Our studies on interfacial particle-laden flows demonstrate that the influence of particles through local capillary effects can modify significantly the dynamics of processes that involve thin liquid films.

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