Hurricanes on the coadjoint orbit

Amna Shaddad (The University of Manchester)

ATB Frank Adams 1,

I will explain how Geometry can be used and is used to describe the motion of a hurricane/cyclone across the earth's surface. The hurricane remains on the earth's surface and the transportation of that hurricane by the flow of its velocity variable is Kelvin's Circulation Theorem. The earth's surface can be modelled as a sphere which is a symplectic manifold and the coadjoint orbit of the 3D rotation group.

Via Kelvin's Circulation Theorem I will combine Euler and Navier-Stokes equations with differential geometry methods to provide the dynamics for a system of hurricanes. There is no need to look up what any of the above-mentioned things are beforehand - I will go through them in a lot of detail. This talk should be accessible to all.


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