Ultrasonic Testing in Thin Plates

Robert Davey (University of Manchester)

G.207 Alan Turing Building,

Non-destructive testing (NDT) is a widely used and widely studied range of techniques with many applications. NDT covers any technique that can be used to find out information about an object without rendering it unable to perform its function and as such NDT is a very broad area of study. We may wish to use these techniques for detecting manufacturing defects, problems arising from corrosion and repeated use, unique identifiers or evidence of deliberate sabotage.

This talk will be on my MSc project which was a preliminary look at the use of ultrasonic elastic wave testing in thin plates how this method applies specifically in this setting. The use of the Kirchoff plate approximation for modelling elastic waves in this context will be discussed and applied to a few simple test cases, as a starting point for future research and experiments in this area. 

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