An introduction to electromagnetics, inverse problems, and landmine detection with ground-penetrating radar

Francis Watson (University of Manchester)

G.205 Alan Turing Building ,

Technology for landmine detection has barely changed since WWII, and largely involves simple metal detection. This is a slow and painstaking task as many mines have very little (if any) metal, so every piece must be carefully dug up to ensure no mines have been left. Using a secondary sensor type such as ground-penetrating radar (GPR) can vastly speed up the de-mining process.

In this seminar, we first describe the simulation of GPR data, from Maxwell's equations of electromagnetics to their numeric solution. We then describe advanced imaging for GPR, introducing the audience to inverse problems in general. Finally, time and concentration permitting, we present some asymptotic results for the GPR response of small objects. These are used to maximise the distinguishability of a landmine by optimising the GPR antenna array.

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