About MIMS

MIMS organizes core and interdisciplinary research activities in mathematics and is the research arm of the School of Mathematics in the University of Manchester. This website provides information on past and future MIMS activities and presents the people, topics and outputs comprising the research activity in the School of Mathematics.


MIMS activities began in early 2004. The two Departments of Mathematics in the former Victoria University of Manchester and UMIST had begun planning the joint formation of a research institute in 2001. The creation of the new University of Manchester in October 2004, with a School of Mathematics of approximately 75 permanent academic staff, provided the final impetus to bring the institute to fruition.


MIMS is located within the School of Mathematics in the purpose-designed Alan Turing Building, situated centrally on campus. MIMS has dedicated research space within the building, including a large seminar room, meeting rooms, office space for short and long-term visitors, a research library, and computing facilities, and it also houses the School Common Room. It therefore has the facilities to host meetings ranging from small workshops to medium-sized conferences.


  • To encourage, support and disseminate both core activities in mathematics and interdisciplinary research.
  • To be a focus for internationally excellent research in mathematics.
  • To provide enhanced training of postgraduate students and post-doctoral researchers.
  • To act as a resource and focal point for mathematics research in the region and beyond.
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