Workshop "Stochastic Modelling Of Transport Processes In Biolody", 30th-31st March 2016, Manchester

Stochastic Modelling Of Transport Processes In Biology, organised by Sergei Fedotov, Nickolay Korabel, Helena Stage

AT Building

There will be a workshop entitled, 'Stochastic Modelling Of Transport Processes In Biolody' on 30th-31st March 2016. It will be held in Room G.205 in the Alan Turing Building, Oxford Road, Manchester, UK. 

This workshop addresses the problem of stochastic transport in biology: from intracellular transport to the animal's movement. It will address a range of research questions (anomalous transport involving subdiffusion and superdiffusion, power law jumps distributions, non-linear interactions between various species, aggregation phenomena, etc.).

For more information visit the workshop website or email Professor Sergei Fedotov.

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