Undergraduate Summer Project: Passive Radiation Imaging

There is an opportunity for one third or fourth year undergraduate student to work on a 12 week summer research project related to passive radiation imaging for nuclear security.

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The project will examine the feasibility of inferring the internal geometry of an object by passive measurements of emitted radiation. The technical problem is that of simultaneously determining the location of radiation sources within an object, as well as the radiation length (i.e. attenuation) of the materials making up the object. The project will formulate this as an inverse problem, and analyse the feasibility of its solution both theoretically, and through numerical simulation.

The ideal student would already be familiar with inverse problems, and in particular with inversion of the Radon transform as is done in computerised tomography, and be comfortable working in MATLAB.

The project will run from 13th June until 2nd September (12 weeks), and includes a £200 weekly stipend for the student. For further information please contact Dr. Sean Holman.

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