Undergraduate Summer Project: Modelling a graphene electromechanical device

There is an opportunity for one third or fourth year undergraduate student to work on a 12 week summer research project related to graphene-based electromechanical systems.


The specific device under consideration involves a graphene sheet bonded to a polymer layer, suspended over a microscopic cavity. Acoustic waves in the surrounding medium cause vibrations in the layer, which can be measured. The project will examine how the configuration of the graphene-polymer layer (its thickness, and the stiffness of the individual components) affects the observed vibrations, and to draw conclusions about the performance of the device.

 An understanding of elasticity theory is strongly recommended. The project would incorporate a review of plate models, so a knowledge of elastic plate theory would be advantageous but not essential.

 The project will run from 13th June until 2nd September (12 weeks), and includes a £200 weekly stipend for the student. For further information please contact Prof Will Parnell or Dr Gareth Wyn Jones.

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