TODAY 12 JUNE 2017 - Pure Maths Colloquium with Professor G Cherlin

Everyone is welcome to this Pure Mathematics Colloquium this afternoon on 12th June 2017. Professor Cherlin the prestigious DKO Visiting Professor will be giving a talk entitled "twists and twistability" at 4pm in Frank Adams - Complimentary refreshments will be available.

Professor Gregory Cherlin, of Rutgers University, the State University of New Jersey, USA IS the 2017 Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Visiting Professor.


Twists and twistability

Gregory Cherlin (Rutgers)

Frank Adams, 12 June 2017, 4.00 PM

Professor Cherlin introduces this talk as ... We consider isomorphism "up to a change of language," which we call twisted isomorphism. We call a structure  twistable

if it has a twisted automorphism which is not an automorphism.
We consider three questions: (a) in what contexts can we classify the twistable structures; (b) when do their twisted automorphism groups split
over the ordinary automorphism group; (c) when does the action of the twisted automorphism group on the automorphism group induce the full
automorphism group of the latter? The last two questions are suggested by work of Cameron and Tarzi.

My student Rebecca Coulson has classified the twistable  metrically homogeneous graphs. I will explain what these are, and what is known about these problems in that setting.


Professor Cherlin, who is a world-renowned expert in model theory and its applications in algebra and combinatorics, is visiting the School of Mathematics in June and July of 2017.

The Visiting Professorship is supported by the Dame Kathleen Ollerenshaw Trust. It allows leading pure mathematicians from around the world to visit the School, in order to discuss current research and collaborate with staff and students in Manchester and across the UK.

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