Second Edition of 'In Abstract'

The second edition of 'In-Abstract' is now live - it highlights our world class research at The University of Manchester

'In-Abstract' includes journal papers which are at the cutting-edge of research


The second edition of 'In Abstract' is now live - it highlights the Faculty of Science and Engineering world class research 

This website gives a round-up of the latest journal papers published across our schools and demonstrates the diversity of the work our faculty is producing.  Papers show the efforts being made to find solutions to real-work challenges and show examples of collaboration between FSE's schools.

We are proud of the results the Faculty is achieving.  The papers chosen for this edition of 'In Abstract' give an insight into the world-class research we do here in Manchester.

Journal papers written by some of our School of Mathematics staff have been selected to be part of the latest edition of In Abstract:

`Quickest Detection Problems for Bessel Processes'

Peter Johnson, Goran Peskir

 Pure dimension and projectivity of tropical polytopes',

Marianne Johnson, Mark Kambites

 `Bayesian uncertainty quantification for transmissibility of  influenza, norovirus and Ebola using information geometry'

Thomas House

Keep checking the website as more papers will be available later in the year!

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