School of Maths lecturer’s article in 2017 Highlights Collection

An article by Dr Oliver Dorn has been selected for the journals 2017 Highlights Collection!

Sparsity reconstruction of a test case in diffuse optical tomography using different regularization parameters

One of Dr Oliver Dorn’s articles, "Sparsity and level set regularization for diffuse optical tomography using a transport model in 2D", written jointly with his former PhD student Kernel Prieto and published in the journal Inverse Problems was selected for the journals 2017 Highlights Collection.

The Highlights Collection, created in collaboration with the Editor-in-Chief, Professor Simon Arridge, is a selection of interesting and stimulating works published in the journal as part of Volume 33 (2017). To facilitate greater access and readership, all articles that are not already open access have been made free-to-access until the end of 2018.

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