School of Mathematics visited by sculpture team

Father and son sculptor team visit the School of Mathematics with their sculpture of Alan Turing.

Bust of Alan Turing by Grand & Tom Mackenzie.
Grant (left) and Tom (right) Mackenzie with Bill Lionheart (middle).

A father and son sculptor team has created a bronze bust of Alan Turing to mark the 50th anniversary of the A.M. Turing Award, an award considered the "Nobel Prize of Computing" and awarded by the Associate for Computing Machinery (ACM), based in New York City. The sculpture was completed on behalf of the ACM and Microsoft Research out of Seattle and will be presented at an awards ceremony this summer in San Francisco.

The detailed sculpture was produced by Tom and Grant Mackenzie, of Bristol. On a recent visit to Manchester, they met with our Professor of Applied Mathematics, Bill Lionheart, to show off their work and learn more about the School of Mathematics.

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