Profile of an Undergraduate BP Achievement Award Winner Megan Smith

Megan Smith, a 2016 winner of a BP Achievement Award discusses the application process, her experience on placement or how this has led to further opportunities.

Megan using state of the art X Ray imaging equipment

Megan Smith has described her experience as follows:

"I was one of four students in the School on Mathematics to win the BP Achievement Award in 2016. Every year each school in the Faculty of Science and Engineering offers this award to two first and second years based on academic merit and a 1,000 word essay about how their subject is used in the oil and gas industry. After winning the award, I was further offered a summer research placement with BP in the Henry Moseley X Ray Imaging Facility and the University of Manchester. The placement involved conducting experiments to visualise particle flow through porous media using x-ray computerised tomography. I worked alongside a BP supervisor and a chemistry intern and my main role was to collect and analyse the radiographic data using image analysis software in order to deliver insightful results back to BP. 

The award and placement from BP gave me an amazing opportunity to gain practical research experience and work closely with professionals in the oil and gas industry. If anyone is thinking of applying for the BP Achievement Award I would definitely recommend it."

 Megan has worked closely with the Schools of Mathematics' Professor Bill Lionheart

The School of Mathematics congratulates Megan on her undergraduate success and when she finishes her degree this academic year will go on to study a MSc at the University of Oxford.

BP Achievement Awards

  • The award: £2,000 per year.
  • Who is eligible: First and second-year undergraduate students in the following discipline areas: Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth and Environmental Sciences (including Geology), Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mathematics, Mechanical Engineering, Physics. 

Students on relevant courses are invited to write a 1,000-word essay on a specific subject. There are up to three awards available per School and year. Email and poster publicity is normally launched in December with a closing date in February. Students are selected on the basis of their entry qualifications / first-year examination results and the content of their application/essay.

Further information can be obtained from  

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