Professor receives esteemed Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award

Francoise Tisseur

The School was delighted to learn that Professor Françoise Tisseur has been awarded a Royal Society Wolfson Research Merit Award for her work, 'New approaches to numerical solution of nonlinear eigenvalue problems'.

Professor Tisseur is a numerical analyst specializing in numerical linear algebra. Her work spans the full range from developing fundamental theory to deriving algorithms and implementing them in software.

She is at the forefront of research on the theory and numerical solution of nonlinear eigenvalue problems. These problems arise in a wide variety of science and engineering applications, such as the dynamic analysis of mechanical systems (where the eigenvalues represent vibrational frequencies), the linear stability of flows in fluid mechanics, and electronic band structure calculations for photonic crystals.

She enjoys interactions with colleagues working in other areas of mathematics (max-plus and geometric algebra) as well as in other disciplines, most notably to date with engineers, and plans to use the award to build upon these collaborations.

Professor Tisseur will bring several novel ideas to bear on nonlinear eigenproblems to achieve significant advances in theory and computation.

She said "I believe that mathematical results and algorithms should be incorporated into widely available software, to benefit the community of users and to increase the impact of the underlying mathematics".

Further details regarding the award can be found on the Royal Society website.  Information about Françoise's research can be found on her personal webpage.

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