Professor Jack Dongarra receives Ken Kennedy Award for software technologies.

Professor Jack Dongarra

Jack Dongarra will receive the ACM-IEEE Computer Society Ken Kennedy Award for his leadership in designing and promoting standards for mathematical software used to solve numerical problems common to high performance computing (HPC).  Dongarra, who holds the Turing Fellowship in the Schools of Computer Science and Mathematics at The University of Manchester, and is University Distinguished Professor at the University of Tennessee and Distinguished Research Staff member at  Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is a leader in research on implementing linear algebra algorithms for high performance computing architecture that has defined the mathematical software field.

Many supercomputer vendors have adopted these software packages as the basis of their own numerical libraries. The software involves the use of memory hierarchies, performance tuning parameters, and other techniques to achieve performance and portability.

He has also been a major force in developing standards for mathematical software that are widely accepted in computer and computational science for evaluating the performance of supercomputers. They include LINPACK and LAPACK, software packages used since the 1970s for solving systems of linear equations. In 1993, he formed the Top500 list which used his LINPACK benchmark to show the 500 most powerful commercially available computer systems. These benchmarks enable users to exploit their existing computer hardware to solve much larger problems at lower additional cost.

A Fellow of ACM, IEEE, AAAS, and SIAM, Dongarra is the recipient of the first IEEE Medal of Excellence in Scalable Computing, and the first recipient of the SIAM Special Interest Group on Supercomputing's award for Career Achievement. He was awarded the IEEE Computer Society Sidney Fernbach Award and received the IEEE IPDPS 2011 Charles Babbage Award. He is a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

The full press release for this award can be found on the ACM website.

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