Prof Jack Dongarra Becomes a Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Vladimir Fortov, president of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), informed Jack Dongarra on 31 October 2016 that he has been elected a foreign member.

Jack Dongarra new

In making this esteemed list of well-known scientists from various countries and disciplines, Jack Dongarra, Turing Fellow in both the School of Mathematics and the School of Computer Science, joins a number of other notable prior-elected computer scientists — such as Americans Don Knuth, Professor Emeritus at Stanford, and Mike Stonebraker, Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The RAS roster of foreign members also includes seven Nobel Laureates.

“The academy’s prestige stems from its long-standing role as a global network of scientists and scholars from an array of institutes and laboratories dedicated to advancing science for the betterment of humanity,” Dongarra said. “So, being elected to the RAS community is not only an honour, but also another effective avenue for sharing what we learn from our experimental computer science work.”

Established in 1724 in Petersburg, Russia, the RAS is that country’s highest scientific society and principal coordinating body for research in natural and social sciences, technology, and production. Membership is by election and is divided into three ranks: academician, corresponding member, or foreign member. The organization has more than 1,500 members, with some 800 corresponding members, 500 academicians, and 200 foreign members.

The RAS trains students and publicizes scientific achievements and knowledge, as well as maintains ties with many international scientific institutions and collaborates with foreign academies. It also directs the research of other scientific institutions and institutions of higher learning.

More on the RAS elections is available via a translated webpage. The complete list of foreign members of the organization is available on Wikipedia.

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