Postgraduate Student awarded David Crighton Fellowship

David Nigro, a PhD student in the School of Mathematics, has been awarded a David Crighton Fellowship for 2015. This Fellowship will allow David to spend 3 months at the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics in Cambridge, where he will work on a number of hydroacoustics problems with Professor Nigel Peake.

The David Crighton Fund was set up in memory of the late Professor David Crighton, FRS, to provide support for young scholars in his research field, i.e. the subfield of applied mathematics concerned with fluid mechanics, acoustics, waves and vibration. The Managers of the Fund are accordingly offering up to four David Crighton Fellowships for research students and postdoctoral fellows in these areas to undertake a visit for two to three months' study and research either in Cambridge, if they are currently based outside Cambridge, or elsewhere, if they are currently based in Cambridge.

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